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What is a Teledentistry Consultation?

Teledentistry is a way to provide care for people who do not or cannot go to a dentist's office. Teledentistry uses electronic dental records such as electronic versions of X-rays, photographs, recordings of the condition of your teeth, health and other history information. These records are reviewed at a later time. These records or other electronic communications are known as "store and forward" records. The goal of the teledentistry system is to have the dentist create recommendations for you for dental care.

Teledentistry at Just Kids Pediatric Dentistry

Teledentistry at Just Kids Pediatric Dentistry is a virtual consultation service which employs video conferencing software to connect patients with our doctors. In many ways it mimics an in-office appointment with the convenience of not having to come physically to the dental office. Patients that would like to utilize this service must have an electronic device with a camera and microphone (ie. cellphone, tablet, home computer) and stable access to the internet. No Software or Application download necessary. Our service runs 100% within your web browser. Patients will log into our virtual waiting room after the office or dentist provides the connecting link. 

Examples of Teledentistry Scenarios:

- X-Ray/Photo  Second-Opinion Consultation

- Post-Operative check-ups

- Nutrition & Infant Oral Health Counseling

- Emergency Examination

Call our office at (510) 791-0971 to schedule a Teledentistry Appointment!

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Teledentistry Virtual Consultation

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